Don’t hesitate on pointing out my mistakes in the comments, or shoot me an email. I would be glad if you did, because this blog serves for my learning purposes as well.

This is my personal blog where I log my experiences in software development, tech and any topics that I am interested in. This blog serves as a distilled version of my thoughts.

Besides coding, I also really love listening to new music, to share that, I will also be adding a “Today’s Music” section at the top of every post.

I have been autodidactically learning to code since 14yo, and now I’m Computer Science student. You can find my projects on either Github.


If you have any direct questions or you feel you need to contact me, I’m reachable at matas234@gmail.com.

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This blog is run on Hugo with a modified version of the Hermit theme.

LaTeX is also supported with KaTeX. $\text{Some inline math: } \sqrt{\Psi}$.

Enjoy the blog!